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F1 as entrant, constructor, and engine supplier through 2008 with some interruptions. BC to about 400 BC. With this milestone the park began the celebration of its 30 years.

You will NEVER FORGET our angel Mrs. Lorrin Luecke


Mrs. Dulcia Dahme wants to remove space between YOU and HER


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Chain Reaction Show Postponed

Attn So Cal : We have some unfortunate news, due to Jordan injuring his Achilles tendon this past weekend at the Oakland GK Show we have no choice but to postpone the show scheduled for this Friday Night at Chain Reaction. Refunds will be available for all ticket buyers.

A statement from Jordan is below

"Huge thank you to the Oakland bay area for making the GK holiday show on Sunday night the 

most perfect we’ve played all year. It was so indescribably fun and we have something really, really special and creative here! To see it this strong, for so many years now, it’s a really big deal, not just for the bands on the stage but for every one of us personally and as a unit.

So for everyone who was there Sunday night, I ruptured my Achilles tendon in my right leg and I have no idea how it happened. Really weird! But I wouldn’t have been able to play the show without you guys. Due to the severity of the injury, and some surgery and/or lengthy casting that’s going to happen, we will be forced to postpone our Chain Reaction show and for this I’m extremely sorry. We were excited to come down for this show and if it were possible we would. This is in the best interest of giving you all the best show we can. And we promise to do that as soon as we get a make-up date booked.

We’ll post up any updates regarding a rescheduled date once we have it all set via our Facebook, twitter(@setyourgoals) or setyourgoalsband.com so please follow!

The entire band and I just want to thank the whole bay area (our home!), and to everyone (everywhere) who came to an SYG show this year, who made a long drive, who took a second to say hi or share a story, took a minute to hear our songs, and just let us into your year in any way at all. We are so excited for 2013 and we hope we can bring you all a ton of long overdue shows and music. Much love, here’s to the new year and everyone here! - Jordan Syg”

Set times for Sunday’s show at the Oakland Metro. Early show!

Set times for Sunday’s show at the Oakland Metro. Early show!

One week away!

One week away!

Mike’s departure from Set Your Goals

As many may know, Mikey will be playing his final shows with Set Your Goals on December 2nd and 7th, at the Metro Opera House in Oakland and Chain Reaction in Anaheim. Most importantly with this news, we want everyone to know that there are no hard feelings between anyone in the band and that we are/have always been friends above all else. Everyone in Set Your Goals wishes him the best in all of his future endeavors, music and otherwise. If you wish to get in touch, Mike is welcoming questions or messages from anyone who wants to reach him via Twitter @MikeAmbrose636 or on Facebook.

To answer a couple quick questions, we are indeed still working on new music for an album we’ll be recording in Orange County in January, and we’ll be taking to touring as soon as that is all finished up. Chad Gilbert will be producing with Paul Miner engineering, and Mike Green will be mixing everything in Los Angeles. Mike produced “This Will Be The Death Of Us” in 2009 and helped out with a few small pieces on “Burning At Both Ends” in 2011 as well. We are very excited about his involvement on the mixing side of the release, and we are eagerly anticipating the opportunity to work with Chad and Paul (whom we recorded the two digital iTunes singles with in February) on a full-length. We hope to have everything released in Summer 2013 with Epitaph. We plan to tour rigorously in support of the album and are stoked to return to some of the cities we haven’t played in a while.

Once more, we can’t wait to return to the studio and create new material to share with all of you again! The biggest thank you to everyone who keeps an eye out, drops a line to say hello, or even shares photos, videos, or stories from a show. Your continued support means the world to us and it’s what keeps us going through the ups and downs.

We wish all of you the best as this year comes to a close and we head into 2013.

Much love,